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shootingWhere have the fundamentals gone?

Fans, analysts, and the media have bemoaned the declining skill set and lack of fundamentals in both the collegiate and pro game for over a decade.

Scoring and shooting percentages are down across the college basketball landscape, and the media is asking, “where are the fundamentals?

One of the problems, according to reports, is that some high school players “are so advanced as athletes they don’t think they need to work on fundamentals.”

As a result, some reports have noted that high schoolers are actually seeking schools that “will help them become NBA worthy without learning and executing the fundamentals and the mindset, discipline and decision making that goes with executing the fundamentals.”

throwingOr put another way: “[m]ost college players today are more concerned with making the highlight play rather than the fundamentally correct one.”

That’s where Zone190 comes in.

We’re relentlessly focused on fundamentals.

Our entire system was developed by a former pro player who wanted a system for working on core skills: the pass-and-shoot, the stop-and-pop, the pick-and-roll, the inside game, the pull-up jump shot, and core ball-handling skills. Whether you’re a trailer on the break, shooting off the dribble, or coming off a v-cut or downscreen, you need the skills and confidence to execute.

That’s where Zone190 can help.

Zone190 can be your complete basketball training solution. Watch our videos to see specific examples of drills and skill-building available through the Zone190, or buy one now.