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What is Zone190?
Zone190 is a revolutionary basketball training system developed by a former professional basketball player.

Why “190”?
Because the Zone190 is premised on a patent-pending 190 degree area that encircles players when they use it.

Who developed the Zone190?
Zone190 was developed by Tamir Goodman, a former top-25 high school basketball recruit dubbed “The Jewish Jordan” by Sports Illustrated for his court vision and shooting prowess. Goodman went on to play Division I basketball and pro ball in Europe.

What can I do with Zone190?

  • Practice catching and shooting
  • Practice coming off a v-cuts and down-screens to hit a jump shot
  • Practice shooting off the dribble
  • Practice coming off the pick-n-roll
  • Practice pull-up jump shots
  • Practice stationary ball-handling drills
  • Practice ball-handling skills in the full-court set
  • Practice passing, including passing into the post
  • Perform jab steps
  • Practice sweeping moves to simulate defensive counterattacks
  • Improve footwork and incorporate conditioning drills into your workouts.

Videos that demonstrate many of these drills can be found here.

Who should use Zone190?
Zone190 was developed for the full spectrum of users, from recreational to professional. Zone190 is used by NBA, collegiate, and youth leagues, and is perfect for the driveway too. Zone190 is also used by physical and occupational therapists to improve balance and hand-eye coordination.

How much does Zone190 cost?
Zone 190 is available exclusively through for $899.00. Volume discounts are available for teams, schools, camps, leagues, or others who need multiple devices. To purchase multiple devices, please email or call us at (216) 288-7219.

Can I customize Zone190?
Yes. Schools, universities, teams and leagues can customize their Zone190 devices to match school or team color. Please email or call (216) 288-7219 for details.

How do I assemble the Zone190
Downloadable instructions and videos are available here.

What if I have more questions?
Zone190 is available at (216) 288-7219 of