Defensive Configurations

In games, nearly every shot is contested, and almost every move is met with relentless ball pressure.

Zone190 is the first basketball training system that comes with defensive distractors, designed to help players prepare to face these challenges on the court.

Zone190 includes a central defensive hand, the “shot blocker,” which forces you to shoot as if you are being guarded. The shot blocker (pictured at left) comes standard with the Zone190, and can easily be raised, lowered, or removed to perfectly accommodate each user.

Two additional defensive distractors, known as the “gloves,” are located on the sides of the system (below, right). They allow players to simulate dribbling against ball pressure, giving you the opportunity to improve ball handling skills.

Dribbling low under the gloves forces you to maintain optimal dribbling position, which will help you to become more explosive and formidable in games. These side gloves are also ideal for working on sweeping moves, pivoting moves, jab steps and pick-n-roll scenarios.

The gloves will even help you get in top shape when you incorporate them into conditioning drills. Defensive slides that force you to quickly move from glove-to-glove while maintaining proper form will instantly up your cardio workout.

The gloves, which are removable, are constructed of a unique flexible material that is gentle on the hands, so you can practice hard without worry. Whether you are coming off a dribble, simulating a three-point play off a pass, or working on your cross-over, Zone190’s defensive distractors ensure that your shot and moves are contested, just like they would be in an actual game.

Zone190 will be your complete basketball training solution. Watch our other videos to see specific examples of drills and skill-building available through the Zone190, or buy one now.