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Game-Time Scenarios


Basketball players today are faster, stronger, and more athletic than ever before. To gain an edge over your competitors on the court, you need to focus on the fundamentals—you need to possess superb body positioning, expert foot and hand work, a well-developed skill-set, and the confidence make the right move regardless where you find yourself on the court.

Effective players need to be able to collect a bullet pass, stop on a dime, hit contested shots, and be in great shape.

Zone190 helps you perfect those skills, and more.

The patented and revolutionary design of Zone190 will give you the unprecedented opportunity to develop and refine core skills in game-like situations. You can simulate getting the ball from various angles on the court without having to move the system. If you place the Zone190 at the top of the key, for example, you can work on catching the ball from the high post as well as the right and left wing without needing to relocate the system.

In a real game, depending on where the ball is coming from, you need to position your feet and hands accordingly, so that you can make the right move at the right time. Zone190 gives you the opportunity to simulate these game-like situations so that—come game time—you are ready … you will have the experience and confidence to make the right move regardless where you catch the ball.

Moreover, with Zone190 you can improve your ball-handling skills in both the half-court and full-courts sets. Use Zone190 to work on your stationary crossover dribble, using the built-in defensive hands, known as “the gloves,” to maintain proper body positioning. Zone190 can also be used to practice your crossover move in the full-court set. In both scenarios, Zone190 ensures you can make quick moves against agile defenders.

Training with Zone190 will help you improve your assist-to-turnover ratio by enabling you to practice the proper foot- and hand-work to deliver accurate, crisp, and complete passes.

And Zone190 is also a post-player’s dream. By rotating Zone190 under the basket, post players can practice receiving the ball from anywhere in the paint. Zone190 lets you work on your baby hooks, drop steps, and receiving the ball on the blocks.

Among the ways you can use Zone190:

  • Practice catching and shooting
  • Practice coming off a v-cuts and down-screens to hit a jump shot
  • Practice shooting off the dribble
  • Practice coming off the pick-n-roll
  • Practice pull-up jump shots
  • Practice stationary ball-handling drills
  • Practice ball-handling skills in the full-court set
  • Practice passing, including passing into the post
  • Perform jab steps
  • Practice sweeping moves to simulate defensive counterattacks
  • Improve footwork and incorporate conditioning drills into your workouts.

Zone190 will be your complete basketball training solution. Watch our other videos to see specific examples of drills and skill-building available through the Zone190, or buy one now.

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